Have you ever stopped to think about how many personal and professional opportunities the fact of knowing how to speak English brings to a person?

In Brazil, only 5% of the population speak English, which means that 95% of Brazilians will have less access to opportunities because they don’t know this language.

CPM believes that learning English is, above all, a tool to broaden individuals’ perspectives and promote social inclusion.

If you want to be an agent of change in society, contributing to non-governmental organizations that promote truly transforming social actions, collaborate with our cause and be a donor to Cidadão Pró-Mundo, recognized as one of Brazil’s 100 Best NGOs and the winner of “Best NGO in Education” in 2020.


How to donate?

Monthly donation to CPM (money donation, value defined by the donor). By donating 20$ per month, you promote social inclusion and ensure the education of one student in our NGO. 

One-time donation to CPM (money donation, value defined by the donor).  By donating 150$, you support our social work development and ensure the education of one student during one semester.

“The way volunteers teach is inspiring and make us want to learn more. Everyone respect the individuality and difficulty of each one.”
Letícia Y. S. Magalhães


“English opened unimaginable doors for me, especially in the job market, it also allowed me to meet new people and make friends around the world.”


“Learning another language is not just about communication, the possibilities go far beyond. Knowing a language brings a cultural background that expands the horizons of our knowledge and gives us new ways of understanding and perceiving the world around us.” 
Lara Lunardi

Be the change you want to see in the world!



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