We believe that education is key for the development of the country and we seek to promote equal
opportunities in Brazil through social integration and English lessons. Over the last 20 years,
we have matured our management and organization processes, as well as achieved high attraction
and retention rates of students and volunteers, which has turned us into Brazil’s largest English teaching NGO.
To learn more about us, please send an email to diretoria.institucional@cidadaopromundo.org


Upon supporting CPM, our partners can bear witness to the transformation that our activities cause on society. They can also measure (through reports and statements that are updated periodically) the real impact of their investments.


We provide our supporters with several possibilities of partnerships and we can adapt them to suit different corporate social responsibility strategies, as well as the diverse needs of each company or individual.


CPM is managed by volunteers with extensive professional expertise who rely on the support of a hired team that is fully and exclusively dedicated to the execution of the NGO’s operations. This framework ensures excellent administration of our resources and projects.